This is a list of published books and stories written by science fiction and fantasy author, Patrick Hester. From Urban Fantasy to Space Opera, Wild Wild West to Rural Kentucky and even adventures with a Talking Cat, there’s something for everyone.

Patrick Hester
Samantha Kane: Into the Fire by Patrick Hester

Samantha Kane Book 1: Into The Fire

Samantha Kane is struggling with this thing called “her life” and how it can be turned completely upside down in the span of one week. Her partner and mentor is hospitalized, followed quickly by her father, who slips into a coma; her teenage brother decides now is the perfect time to rebel; and her mom lays the guilt on as thick as molasses every chance she gets. Work isn’t much better. Recently promoted to detective, her job is suddenly in jeopardy, and the cops she’s worked with for years no longer respect her or want her around. Not to mention the fact that Ghosts, Vampires, and Werewolves are real and apparently want her dead.

According to a crazy man who showed up out of nowhere, Sam was never meant to be a cop. She’s supposed to be a Wizard.

(Currently out of print but check back for updates!)

Cahill's Homecoming by Patrick Hester

Cord Cahill Book 1: Cahill's Homecoming

A Quest for Justice

Cord Cahill’s parents passed long ago, his brother, Matt, is off defending border worlds from the expanding Republic, and his sister, Katie, whom he left behind, is dead. The news reaches him the same time as a message from his sister predicting her own death. Driven by a rage fueled with guilt, Cord returns to the planet of his birth determined to discover what happened to his sister and how she died. Cord, who now wears the gray cloak and hat of a Sentinel, marking him as a gun for hire, will not be deterred from his mission. This is about family, about Katie; how she lived, and ultimately, how she died…

Cahill's Unfinished Business by Patrick Hester

Cord Cahill Book 2: Cahill's Unfinished Business

A year after the events in CAHILL’S HOMECOMING, Cord Cahill is adrift and angry. The Republic has put a bounty on his head for killing the man who murdered his sister, and bounty hunters are on his trail. This drives him to take a simple, but unsanctioned, Sentinel mission on the frontier. But old enemies are waiting for him, and soon he is fighting for his life against a new and terrifying threat…


Consumption is the story of three friends attending school in 1870’s Philadelphia. One is fresh from the territories, one just stepped off the train from Georgia, and the third is a robust and curious man from the great state of Kentucky. The three become fast friends, and when talk of a mysterious mummy appearing in the surrounding countryside reaches their ears, an adventure soon begins.

Witchcraft & Satyrs

When it came to witchcraft, everyone in Pucktow County, Kentucky, knew that Miss Zeia was the source… Responsible for the care and well being of those living within her county, Miss Zeia doesn’t turn a blind eye to anyone, be they the farmers who tend the land bordering the old forest, or the magical creatures who live inside of it. When one such farmer comes calling with a tale of rampaging Satyrs, Miss Zeia takes to the hills and hollers to set things right, and maybe have a piece of sweet potato pie and a cup of homebrew, if the opportunity presents itself.

Conversations With My Cat by Patrick Hester

Conversations With My Cat

CONVERSATIONS WITH MY CAT collects the popular web series of the same name from author/blogger Patrick Hester. Detailing life with a cat who suffers the existence of the humans in his life while consistently seeking attention, food, milk and the destruction of Da Bird, Hester’s sense of humor comes through in this snarky, fun, twisted and not always safe for work collection of conversations with Shadow the Cat.

Anyone who has ever lived in a house with a feline friend, will recognize and appreciate these short but hilarious encounters between human and cat.