Teaching Scrivener at Superstars of Writing

Superstars of Writing

As mentioned on the latest Functional Nerds podcast, I’ve been invited to Superstars of Writing to teach THREE Scrivener classes, and to talk about podcasting! The Scrivener classes will be broken up as Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced and involve a lot of Q&A. I’m very excited about helping people write more efficiently, and that’s where Scrivener excels. I’m a fair hand at teaching it to, and the classes tend to be very popular.

On the Podcasting piece, I’ll be on a panel with Jonathan Maberry – a New York Times bestselling author, five-time Bram Stoker Award winner, and comic book writer, and Steve Feldberg – Senior Director, Audible Originals Publishing. I think everyone knows how much I love audiobooks at this point, right? So, this should be a really good conversation. Podcasting and audiobooks are a huge opportunity for every writer, and one we need to leverage more.

Here’s my Schedule:

  • Thursday, February 2nd
    • 1 PM: Scrivener ā€“ Beginning Level
  • Friday, February 3rd
    • 1 PM: Scrivener ā€“ Intermediate Level
  • Saturday, February 4th
    • 1 PM: Scrivener ā€“ Advanced Level
    • 2 PM: Podcasting panel with Jonathan Maberry, Steve Feldberg, Patrick Hester

If you’re interested in Superstars, visit their website for more information.

I hope to see you there šŸ™‚