One week after: The MileHiCon 47 Recap Post

Well. That was fun.

milehiecon_47_largeGreat seeing so many awesome people again this year. Rather than try and list everyone, and tag them, I’m just gonna say this; MileHiCon was fantastic. I got to hang out with some amazing people – again. I hosted a dinner, a networking mixer, another dinner, did some great panels, learned a bunch of stuff, laughed so hard my stomach and cheeks hurt, got (mostly) kidnapped again, stayed up way too late – twice, managed to get up early enough to make my 10 am panel (mostly), drank far, far too much coffee but countered it with an equal amount or greater of water (important), got locked IN the parking garage, got locked OUT of my room (stupid card wouldn’t work!), woke up to a flooded floor in the bathroom (no idea how that happened. Seriously. Water was just pooled under the sink when I woke up and went in there for morning routine), I spent about $100 in the dealers room on a new steampunk clock, dragon box and wind spinner, bought a copy of the Sidekicks anthology (proceeds to benefit MileHiCon), and, most importantly, didn’t get concrud.

Can’t stress how cool that last part is.

Most likely, this is my last con of the year and I love going out on such a high note.

Here’s to MileHiCon 48 next October…

Oh – and you can have some photos now…


  • Shannon Lawrence Posted October 30, 2015 11:10 pm

    Oh noooooooooo! I didn’t think you actually got me with that picture, LOL.

    • Patrick Hester Posted October 31, 2015 11:31 am

      Bwa ha ha ha!

      And you look so ready to cause some mischief, too. 🙂


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