Photo Friday: Rocky Mountain National Park 1

I thought I’d start us out with a nice shot pretty close to the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Rocky Mountain National Park, July 2014


I was -thrilled- to see so much green up there compared to a couple years back when the beetle damage was so rampant and you could see these brown veins pulsing through the trees.

The day was gorgeous, too.  A little rain and cloud cover kept it cool, but not to the point I ever had to put on a coat, or even my hoodie.  And I was able to keep the windows rolled down all day.

More pics to come… 🙂

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  • Paul Weimer Posted July 25, 2014 10:40 am

    Aha, I remember those mountains (if not the precise spot you were in). Lovely! Thanks, Patrick. Look forward to more.

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