Photo Friday: Portrait in Stupidity

On a recent trip to Estes Park / Rocky Mountain National Park / Trail Ridge Road, I was able to indulge in one of my favorite pastimes – photographing Colorado.  I’m gonna be sharing those photos with you in the weeks to come, but before I do, I wanted to start with one I am calling ‘Portrait in Stupidity’.

Here we have two dumbass m-effers who clearly can’t read.  Or they just don’t care:

Two dumbass guys climbing in a reclamation area of Rocky Mountain National Park, July 2014


As you can see, there is a barrier and a sign.  The sign clearly states: Restoration Area. PLEASE Keep Out.

We actually watched our brain-dead duo photographed here CLIMB OVER that sign and run up the freaking hill.


Had this been an isolated incident, I could’ve let it go – but I saw lots of people ignoring the signs and barriers that day, and going out into areas where humans are not currently wanted.  It was grating.

Please don’t let these people breed.

Sign: Reclamation Area PLEASE KEEP OUT


  • Paul Weimer Posted July 18, 2014 10:34 am

    Ugh. Were they :cringe: photographers of some sort?

    • Patrick Hester Posted July 19, 2014 9:21 am

      I think they were, Paul. Both had cameras, but they were point and clicks.


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