Learn Scrivener From Me – New Online Classes

/ScrivenerEDIT: The advanced class discount below is CRAZY! Please use it! Also, the folks behind Scrivener have given me a discount code to purchase the software!  I’ll be releasing that code exclusively through the Delve workshops at the end of the month, so be sure to sign up today! /END EDIT

You’ve heard all your writer friends talking about it.  Scrivener.  Now you’re curious, but afraid to take the plunge.  Word kinda works for you.  Plus, you have a system.  A routine.  Breaking out of that routine is a little scary.

I get that.

And it’s okay!

But if you’ve ever wanted to learn a little more about Scrivener to see if it’s right for you and the way you write – or want to write – now’s your chance.

I’m teaching 2 online classes this month – a basic and an advanced class on Scrivener.  The basic class will be free.  The advanced class is paid.  I have a special link for you on the advanced class that will get you a discount, so you want to click right here to get that discount.

Both classes will be 90 minutes.  Here are some extra details:

Basic Class – Thursday, May 22nd at 7PM Mountain
The basics of Scrivener will be covered in this 90 minute class.  I’ll cover navigating the software, setting up your first project, what NOT to do if you want to stay happy/sane. the Corkboard and Outliner views, simple import/export and Compile, and the Inspector.  By the time I’m done, you’ll have a good grasp on how to setup your first project and start writing.  You can sign up for the free class here.

Advanced Class – Thursday, May 29th at 7 PM Mountain
For the advanced class, we’re going to dig a little deeper into Scrivener.  We’ll look at how you can move things around in your project’s Corkboard and Outliner views, how to export/Compile outlines, synopsis and more, how to format your manuscript and binder correctly for an eBook, and how to push your manuscript out as an Kindle-ready eBook.  You can sign up here and receive a MASSIVE DISCOUNT on the advanced class.

Slots are filling up quickly so please sign up today!