Conference, Scrivener and Bars, Oh My

I’ve mentioned it before, but now that it’s all official and stuff, I wanted to say here on the blog that I will be attending the Pikes Peak Writers Conference April 26th-something. I’m on faculty for the event. What does that mean? I’m bonafide.

Mostly, I’ll be at the conference to do (Sean Connery voice) interviews. Podcast interviews. (/End Sean Connery voice) The people who run the conference tapped me to be their official podcaster and I was thrilled to accept.

Notable members of the faculty this year include: Gail Carriger, Chuck Wendig, and Jim C. Hines. So you know it’s gonna be good.

A little about PPWC:

Friendly. Affordable. Professional. Welcome to a conference where camaraderie with fellow writers –not cutthroat competition– is the universal experience. Each attendee is treated to a carefully crafted slate of events of the highest caliber. PPWC takes pride in offering a conference chock full of practical and entertaining workshops, motivational speeches, networking opportunities, Read & Critique sessions, and the chance to pitch your manuscript to some of the most sought-after editors and agents in the business at a price far below that of other national writers conferences.

In addition to my podcast duties, I’ll be enjoying what PPWC has to offer authors. I’ve also been asked by Delve Writing to host a Scrivener Q&A I’m calling, Scrivener: The Write Tool. This will be an opportunity for any authors out there who have questions about how Scrivener works, and how it can change the way you write for the better, to sit down, see the program in action, and ask me some questions. Should be fun and informative.

I’m sure there will be tons of conference stories and I might even share a couple here – you don’t know! But to get the full effect, you need to show up!

….I understand there’s also a bar con that only costs what you are willing to spend for alcohol. Just sayin’….