A $100 Typo

MC900441459Got a phone call Friday from a number in Illinois.  Answered it and it did a weird, unavailable message and hung up on me.  I figured, “Oh well.”

Wake up Saturday, and I get another call from the same number.  Turns out to be the loan servicing company for my mortgage (I looked it up).  This is one of the few bills I actually still pay with a check.  I do that because I want to be sure I actually make the payment on time.

For the month of September, I wrote out my check while suffering from con crud.  Apparently, I wrote two different amounts on the check, which is why they were calling me.  Obviously, they can’t cash such a check.  So, now I was late.  I could send another check, but if it didn’t get to them within a couple days, ‘we’ll be forced to report it to the credit bureaus’.

Okay – so – aside from that PISSING ME THE HELL OFF – I mean, if I were habitually late with my payment, I could see making such a threat. But before she said that, she told me I have, ‘an excellent payment history’.  Then why the heavy hand?

…calming down.

Rather than go through that possibility, I made an electronic payment.

“Would you like to go ahead and take care of the late payment?  Technically, your check arrived on time, but the payment will be late.”

“…fine.  Yes.”

“And there’s a fee for taking an electronic payment.”

“Fine.  Whatever.”

All added up?




  • Mike Posted September 24, 2013 10:36 am

    Well that’s total bullshit. (Sorry for the language.)

    On a similar note, we got a threatening call from Target because I screwed up on the online payment and we were late by 5 days. It was like I’ve never paid a bill before it something.

  • Texanne Posted September 24, 2013 8:09 pm

    Captcha willing, I will offer commiseration.

    Years ago, I had to start sending my checks (Years ago, remember) to my mortgage company by registered mail, because if I didn’t, they’d call the payment late and tack on a fee. I’d had trouble like that once before: I got a foreclosure notice, even though I’d made the payments faithfully. Turns out, they had “lost” my checks…three months in a row. When I sent them copies of the checks–yep, lost those, too. Did I mention that I had a 7% mortgage at a time when mortgages were running over 20%? And a big equity? My lawyer’s opinion: Someone at the mortgage company wanted my house. Yes, lawyer.

    Now, these were two different mortgages, on two different houses, with two different mortgage companies…
    Only, it turns out, they were both owned by the same company. Los Angeles Times ran a big article (after I’d had my troubles) pointing out that for some mortgage companies, LATE FEES ARE A MAJOR SOURCE OF INCOME.

    Sunsabishes will do whatever necessary to slap late fees on you.

    Watch your back, Patrick. Just watch your back.
    And eat beans for a month–you’re down a hundred bucks.

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