When I lived alone, before there were cats and people around all the freaking time (or so it seems), I would sit at my desk with some good music on repeat, light a candle, and write for hours uninterrupted.  Seems that kind of focus gets lost these days, but every once in a while, I still light a candle and go.  I’m very particular about scented candles, though.  Certain scents send me into a downward spiral of headaches that keep me from doing anything at all productive.  This has proven interesting when it comes to certain perfumes (making dating interesting).  Probably the worst for me is incense, though.  It tends to burrow a hole right into my brain with the first whiff and I am useless for hours after, battling an intense, searing headache.  There was a used music store that had a great selection, but the people there always burned incense so I had to stop going.  It just wasn’t worth it.



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