Me: *goes to bed*

Shadow the Cat: *hops up onto the bed, walks to the far corner, meows. Walks up the side of the bed to the other corner, digs around a little, meows, sits down.*

Me: *rolls over*

Shadow: *Walks to the foot of the bed, meows, hops over my feet, stares at the bathroom door. Walks up my legs to my hip, sits down.*

Me: Seriously?

Shadow: *Reaches one paw out, touches the blanket, tests it. Steps down, does a circle, pauses, stares at me, walks to the head of the bed and looks between the mattress and the headboard, meows.  Returns to the spot he tested, does a circle, pauses, does another circle, pauses, looks at the wall, another circle, curls up into a tight ball*

Me: Every freaking night?  Really?

Shadow: I’m patrolling! I keep you safe from blanket monsters!


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