I was sitting at writers group a couple months back, listening while someone was giving a critique to someone else, when the gentleman to my left leaned over and asked, “Do you write everyday?”

“Yes,” I said, explaining my lunch time ritual of taking the laptop off and putting down as many words as I can manage before I have to get back to the dayjob.

“I can tell.  You’re quite prolific.”

To that I can only say I do what I do.  I don’t really know another way to write.  I write the way I play guitar, by ear (not really – I promise that I type).  I started to say ‘self taught too’ (like with the guitar), but I did take college prep English in high school, and that included some time doing creative writing.  Plus, I signed up for a creative writing class in college.  Even went.  Once.  Or was it twice?  I honestly don’t remember.  College and I were not soul mates.

Since setting myself the goal of completing the 1st draft of my second Sam Kane novel by Jan 31, I have been working hard and writing a lot.  I had 48,000 words Christmas week. Now I’m at 72,020.  Even for me, that elicits a wow.  I pushed hard over Christmas weekend and New Years weekend because I had a lot of extra free time and why not use that to write?

Luckily, that helped carry me this past week when I needed a break.  I didn’t hit my daily goals a couple days but it was okay because I considered myself ahead of the game.

So I vegged.  A lot.

Finished watching season 1 of Raising Hope, which I believe is hilarious.  The germ episode had me laughing so hard my side hurt.

That little break helped me to recharge.  I hit my goal and change Friday night, then was 100 words short Saturday, but came back Sunday with another 2k.

My new thing is to try and stop in the middle of a scene or at least before the scene is done but knowing where I’m going and what is going to happen.  If I can manage it, that is.  Not always easy.  A lot of times, my instinct is to push through to the end.  But by stopping myself while still knowing what’s happening, when I sit down to write again, I pick up where I left off and some of that momentum is still there.  In this way, I keep pushing through and (mostly) hitting my 1k daily wordcount goal.


  • Project: Samantha Kane: Cold as ice
  • Goal: 95,000
  • Current Wordcount: 72,020



  • John McCarthy Posted January 9, 2012 8:36 am

    That bit about stopping in the middle, so that you catch a bit of the momentum is a great idea, Patrick.

    (Hell, I may have to try that…)

    Surfside Jack ;o)

    • Patrick Hester Posted January 9, 2012 9:32 am

      You should try it – it works!


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