So. The holidays have brought with them a whole new kind of stress and distraction. My carefully crafted plans for writing have fallen apart under the barrage of demands on my time.  Whenever I sit down to write, I find myself having to refresh myself on where I was, where I left off and where I intended to go.  This has made me horribly unproductive.

The Super Sekret Novel Projekt is wallowing at 48,717 words with just 13 days left in the year.  I’d hoped to have the 1st draft completed by the 31st. It’s not a totally impossible goal at this point, just an unrealistic goal given my bandwidth right now.

Whereas many people find year end brings with it a slowdown at work, maybe a welcomed lull, I seem to be suffering from a sudden and intense increase in demand for my services (marketing director).  Several long-term projects are coming to a head and other people are deciding that a slowdown for them equals a ‘hey let’s work on that thing we wanted from Patrick’ project.

I still force writing time at lunch, but when I get home I am wiped.  I struggle to push out a couple hundred words, at best.

In other news, my writing group has finished Sam Kane: Into the Fire.  They loved it.  Felt that the end hit all the right notes (for the most part).  Validation and support always helps to spur me forward, so I was very humbled and appreciative for all of their comments both positive and negative.  Negative is, perhaps, unfair – the comments are always constructive criticism.  Saying ‘negative’, I think, puts the wrong image in your head.  So, yeah – all of the comments were constructive.

Now I’m wondering if I should start over with the numbering of these posts come the new year, or continue on.  If I continue simply adding to the count, I could eventually have Writing Journal: Day 7,416.  Huh.  Have to think some more on that.  I have 13 days (give or take) to decide.

Going into the major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years can be stressful under normal circumstances.  Trying to find time to write amidst all the holiday stuff just makes it more stressful.  I was at a holiday party Saturday night, and I admitted to a writer friend that when I have idle time and I’m not working on SOMETHING, I feel guilty.  It’s like I’m wasting an opportunity. That can add to the stress too.

Funny.  I was thinking, “This will probably be the last Journal for the year.  I should acknowledge that somehow.”  But at the same time, I also thought, “Crap.  As soon as I do that, something will come up and I’ll write another one!”





  • Paul (@princejvstin) Posted December 19, 2011 9:06 am

    And if you don’t say its the last Journal…will this be the last one of the year?

    Dun Dun DUnnnn!

  • Matthew Sanborn Smith Posted December 19, 2011 1:30 pm

    I think you should mark the hours rather than the days so it sounds like a hostage crisis.

    • Patrick Hester Posted December 19, 2011 5:50 pm

      *makes 24 countdown noises* beeep. beeep. beeeeep. beeeeeeep!

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