Well.  Where to begin.

When last we chatted, I was at a respectable 56K on the novel rewrite (Sam Kane: Into the Fire).  As of this writing, I am now at 73K words – that means I’ve done 17,000 words in the last 10 days.

How’s that for diligence?

Questions are probably coming to mind, so let me try to preemptively answer them.  The bulk of that word count came over the three day weekend, when I put my head down, sat at the kitchen table (and on the couch, and at my desk, and on the back porch), writing.

Here’s the caveat – I pushed the story along, made huge strides forward, but they weren’t all GOOD words, they were just words, if that makes sense.  I have since gone back, which is my style of writing, and begun reading what I wrote, and editing.  The numbers above are the result of my removing quite a bit of what I wrote, changing some other stuff around, and putting some new stuff in.  My word count for this week (starting on Tuesday), is a little shy of 2500.  Those are new words on the page, but don’t take into consideration everything that I’ve cut this week.

As well as Scrivener tracks targets and goals, it won’t go negative in the session target.  So there was a point where I realized I was at -o- on my session target, but was still hacking away at swaths of text, so really, I was in the hole session wise.  Oh well.  I climbed back out and am still moving forward.

I’ve mentioned it on Twitter, but still want to bring it up here – because of the amount of time I am devoting to the novel, certain other things are suffering.  Case in point, this blog.  I want to continue writing Random Thoughts, Conversations with my cat, and all the other stuff people have come to enjoy here, but bear with me as I work through the end of the novel.  I’m so close to writing those two little words every writer dreams of putting down on paper, and I can just taste it!

’nuff said.