A new gig – 40k Books

So, I have news.

One of the things I want to do in 2011 is expand my freelance opportunities.  Blogging, podcasting, marketing, tweeting – these seem to be a natural course to take and services to offer in order to meet that expansion goal.

Enter 40k Books and an email I received.  Giuseppe Granieri, their Editorial Director, was looking for someone who could act in a blogger/publicist part-time sort of role.  After chatting with him for a bit back and forth, I really felt that I could help them and that it would be a good fit for me.

Let’s talk a little bit about who they are and then I’ll tell you what I’m going to be doing for them.

40k is an imprint of DigitPub and is based out of Italy.  Everything they publish is in digital formats, not the printed page.  They publish stories and essays from authors whose names you will recognize at once: Mike Resnick, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Bruce Sterling, Paul Di Filippo & Peter Ludlow.

Cool, right?

I will be tweeting for them on the @40kUSA Twitter account, updating their Facebook fanpage, will be posting new author interviews on their blog, building some Goodreads.com buzz and even facilitating some author interviews on other blogs and review sites.  So if you’re a reviewer out there who’d be interested in a review copy of something from 40kbooks.com, let me know!

I’m really excited about this and I hope you guys will support me and be the awesome folks that you always are.



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