Quick Snow Report

So, for the first time this year / winter season, the Denver-metro area has seen snow.

Usually, by Christmas, we have seen some accumulation, but this year has been dry.  The higher elevations have gotten plenty and it seems like all around us has seen a lot of snow too, but not the front range, which is odd.

Where I live in Aurora Colorado, saw about 5 inches over night.  When I got home from work, I took shovel in hand and cleared the walk in front of and beside my house.  This morning, I had to do it again.  According to the iPhone app I use to track my calorie intake (so I can lose some weight – 15 lbs so far!), 45 minutes of snow shoveling = 482 calories burned – Not Bad!!

Anyway, I thought I’d share some pics and thoughts on the snow we’ve gotten.

1st up – since tweeting that it took me 45 minutes to shovel snow, I have been asked: How come it takes so long to shovel some snow?

Let’s go to the graphics:

My House, courtesy Google Maps

Above is my house.  Notice I’m on a corner.  When the snow hits, I shovel:

  • My driveway (slight incline down)
  • The Walk in front of the house (in the photo above, the front of the house faces –>)
  • The curve around the corner and down to the big tree you see on the far left

Under that tree on the left, and just on the edge of my fence, are the mailboxes for the neighborhood.  Since they’re on the edge of my lot, the city will ticket me if I don’t clear a path for the mailman and for my neighbors to get to the boxes.  So, I do a little half circle all the way around my lot.  I also go a little North (if we assume in the photo above that UP is NORTH, DOWN is SOUTH), towards the neighbors drive cuz I’m a nice guy and all that.  Then I clear a little at the corner / crosswalk.

Enough of that stuff!  Let’s look at some pretty photos!

First up, a shot of one of the big trees in my backyard (as always, click any pic for a little bigger view):

You can see the little bird (and squirrel, the little rats!) feeder / feline, HD entertainment center hanging from a branch there.  Everything is covered in snow and looking pretty.

Next up, my charcoal grill up on the porch:

That sucker is a snow magnet!

Shot of the gate / back of the house / yard / ac unit from the stairs of the back porch:

“How much snow did you get?”  Well, the official tally is about five inches.  Heading into my backyard, I took this shot about in the middle:

On the porch/deck itself, here’s the tally:

The rail gets a little drift:

Let’s go back to the pretty! Here’s a shot off the back of the deck and down into the yard:

My yard is a tri-level, step down.  So I really am shooting DOWN here. 🙂

Remember those mailboxes I mentioned above?  In this shot, you can see the tree that shades em and where they are relative to my fence:

All righty – I think that’s it for now.  Hope you liked my little photo tour of the backyard!

Now, I want some hot chocolate…