Photo Tuesday: Uncles

I have three uncles, two of whom have been large parts of my life at different times.  When we moved to California, it was my mom, older brother, aunt, uncle, cousin and grandmother all in the same house.  I always thought he looked like Elwood Blues.  I remember the smell of his lighter, a zippo, and the snap-click sound it made whenever he used it.  My other uncle, he gave me a job when I was a teenager, kept me around and taught me a lot that I took to heart and still keep with me to this day.

Here they both are in one photo:

Click for a larger view

In the middle is my mom’s cousin, Gary.  My uncle John and Gary both play guitar, uncle Rich just loves the music.


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  • Patricia Graf Posted December 28, 2010 10:04 pm

    Sure glad you turned out okay! And I’m sure your Uncles are proud of as I am!
    Your Aunt!

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