So, a couple three weeks back, I mentioned some changes I was making.

Essentially it boiled down to three areas I wanted to change:

  • Websites
  • Writing
  • Weight

We’ll call these the three w’s.

As far as websites go – I’ve overhauled – hope you like it.  I like it.  It feels more streamlined to me, simple and easily navigated.  If you disagree, let me know in the comments.  I especially like the new progress sidebar widget – progpress.  Easy to use, easy to update.  Look to your right and you’ll see it. still needs a facelift.  Haven’t decided what that’s going to entail just yet.  All depends on other stuff.  More on that later.

Under writing – well, let’s see.  I wrote a short story called ‘Murder’ that clocked in at 2,157 words.  Well within my 3k threshold.  Comments were mostly positive, which is good and more than I hoped for.  The next week I started working up ‘Solar City’, based on my flash fiction piece ‘Welcome to Solar City‘.  I’ve an excerpt up if you’re interested.  Right now this story has stalled at 1,825 words due to my trying to get another piece, ‘Crossroad Blues’, ready for a December 20th submission deadline that I am going to miss thanks to losing the better part of a week to illness.  ‘Crossroad Blues’ is 2,300 words with a hole in the middle.

EDIT: The deadline for submissions has been extended to December 31st!  This gives me the time I need to plug the hole in my story, clean it up and submit! /end edit


Doing better in the weight category.  Down 13 pounds since I started using the LoseIt! ap to track what I eat and drink!

EDIT: As of Monday morning, I am down 2 more pounds for a total of 15 pounds!!!

/end edit

I’m still drinking Mt Dew, just nowhere near as much.  Overall I have cut my pop consumption down dramatically.  Same with sweet tea.  I’m also making different decisions when it comes to lunch than I used to.

To help, I’ve ordered an exercise bike – a recumbent, that should arrive this week – just in time for Christmas!  Yes I have to put it together, but that shouldn’t be too difficult to accomplish.

If you think about this in stages – stage one was to track what I eat and drink and start making better decisions about both.  Step two is the bike – start getting some exercise, get into better shape.

Step three is, of course, rule the world with an iron fist…



  • FARfetched Posted December 20, 2010 12:04 pm

    I like that Writing Progress widget — is that something you cooked up or is it available elsewhere?

    Good luck on the writing. I wrote down my 0.8th draft of the next #FridayFlash today at lunch. It was kind of easy, since I came up with the idea about 2 years ago and I was finally ready to write it down. With White Pickups banged out, I’m finding time for some of the other things that got back-burner’ed for the last 16-17 months.

    My Evil Exerbike is also a recumbent. The only problem with exerbikes is that they often end up being used as a clothes rack. The only way, I think, to avoid that problem is to put it in front of the TV. And maybe wire it to the TV so you have to be pedaling to watch something. 😛

    • Patrick Hester Posted December 20, 2010 5:06 pm

      The writing progress widget is available from and is called ProgPress.

      I am putting the bike in front of my desk so it cannot be avoided 🙂


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  • Caroline Posted December 22, 2010 7:05 am

    I love your edits 🙂

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