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This is going to sound like some sort of political commentators sound bite of the week, but it’s really not – it’s merely an observation that I have made – We are becoming an entitlement state.

As I sit here at Chipotle munching down on my chicken burrito bowl (corn & mild salsa cuz I like to have pico & corn & all the good stuff they mix in with it), I flipped open my laptop and watched as it searched for a wireless network and found none.  I was instantly annoyed.  I thought to myself, “I can’t believe Chipotle is so behind the times!  Where’s my free wifi?”

That’s when I realized I’d become one of those people.  I expected Chipotle, who is in the business of making & selling burritos & tacos, to give me free shit.

The Internet isn’t free – we all know that, hell – we pay to have it in our homes or our businesses.  We get those bills every month and we gripe about it.  Is it cool that some businesses, as an extra added little incentive, offer us free Internet while we eat or sip our coffee?  hell yeah.  but it isn’t required of them.  I shouldn’t expect it from them nor should I get bent out of shape when they fail to provide it.  It’s a luxury, really and it isn’t provided out of the goodness of their hearts – like everything else, it’s a tool they are using to bring you in and sell you shit and somewhere, hidden amidst all the spreadsheets and general ledger type crap, there is something that covers the cost of that luxury and you better believe it gets passed down to you and I as part of our order.

* * *

I think it’s weird that Taco Bell is now selling Doritos.  (I seen it with my own eyes).

* * *

Maybe everybody is diversifying.  Taco Bell is selling Doritos, Borders wants to sell Teddy Bears, BestBuy has Apple stuff – heck, I even heard a radio commercial for a new Target ‘fresh grocery’ section so they’re taking a page out of the Super WalMart playbook – all to get people in the door to buy their crap.

Maybe book publishers should start diversifying anthologies; instead of it being a scifi anthology, or a horror or fantasy – maybe they should combine them.  Make a scifi / horror / fantasy / urban fantasy / romance / mystery / literature / young adult anthology – the ultimate mixed tape of the book world… a little something for everyone… want that new James Patterson story?  It’s in there along with Sanderson, Enge, Baga.. Bago…  Bagi.. Paolo and a slew of others!

* * *

mmm… guacaMOLe…

* * *

I used to hate it when the food on my plate touched.  Everything had to have boundaries.  My older brother explained that it doesn’t matter because it all gets mixed up in your stomach any way.

Older brothers say shit like that.

* * *

If I, could save time, in a bottle. The first thing, that I’d like to do. Is to save, every day, till eternity passes and then, write like a mofo…

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  • FARfetched Posted September 27, 2010 3:00 pm

    What’s worse than a place with no wifi? A place with wifi where it’s broken! I mean, one might patronize places offering wifi just to escape the corporate firewall for an hour & read blogs (or clean out the spam from one’s own blog)… dang, you’d think it was Monday out there or something. And hey, Chipotle is so freekin’ expensive compared to the competition (charging for chips? c’mon) that they should offer free beer instead of wifi. /rant

    BTW, the Target closest to the manor has been carrying groceries for a couple years. I guess they roll that stuff out on their own time.

    • Patrick Hester Posted September 27, 2010 3:47 pm

      I’ve seen a Target or 2 carry canned goods before, but not fresh produce. I guess it’s new to the area?

      Truth be told, I haven’t shopped Target since they kicked the Salvation Army out at Christmas.

  • FARfetched Posted September 28, 2010 12:53 pm

    Oh wow, I hadn’t heard about Target booting the bell-ringers. Was that also a local thing or a corp-wide policy?

    • Patrick Hester Posted September 28, 2010 2:14 pm

      Corporate Policy. it was about five or six years ago – Target started their own charity and felt that the Salvation Army would conflict so they were banned from operating at any Target anywhere.

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