Estes Park Colorado (7,522 ft) has been a favorite of mine for years now. It’s a little destination town that acts as a gateway for several other places, including the Rocky Mountain National Park and Trail Ridge Road.

Trail Ridge is the highest (12,183 ft) continuous highway (34) in the U.S. and is closed most of the year due to weather.  When it is open though, it gives us some of the most spectacular views of the Rockies you could wish for.  I try to hit it a couple times a year now because there is almost always something new to see.  Past visits have included sightings of many, many Elk but also some critters – critters being the smaller woodland creatures who tend to pop up here and there.

On my last visit, a scenic overlook was crowded not only with people like me snapping pictures of the scenery, but with a lot of critters.  This one in particular was kind enough to pose for a few pics:

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My brother was astounded to see this bird just hanging out.  He had a few friends with him and they were flying around and chirping, but this dude was just chilling and people watching.

Thought I’d share…


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  • Caroline Posted September 8, 2010 12:29 pm

    I need to book that for the next Brit visit.

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