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My mom accidentally locked the cats in the basement for a few hours.  She went down there to look for something, didn’t realized she’d been followed, walked up the stairs, shut the door and then headed up to the second floor to clean her bathroom and bedroom.  She kept hearing them meowing and called to them, telling them she was upstairs, trying to encourage them to come up there.  When they kept crying, she finally decided to go see why there were being lazy and found that they were in the basement.

This resulted in two things: 1) Mom felt horrible; I told her they’re cats and they will survive the ‘trauma’ of being locked in the basement for a couple of hours. 2) The cats were very clingy and well behaved last night; essentially they were all, “First you take us to that man in the white coat who cut our Talons & poured goop in our ears, then you lock us in the basement!? WE’LL BE GOOD FROM NOW ON – WE SWEARS!!!”

* * *

The channel formerly known as SciFi used to have a web extension of itself known as SciFi Wire; this was the news service for SciFi and had, sprinkled in-between ads for Ghost Hunters and Warehouse 13, bits of news about the SciFi community.  But, alas, they have chosen to give it a new, stupid name (Blastr) because they really don’t care one iota about the fan base that built them.  So from now on, that site (if it ever gets mentioned again around here) shall be known as: the website formerly known as SciFi Wire.

* * *

I am no longer receiving email notifications when someone leaves a comment on the blog.  I don’t know why.  I’m supposed to get one.  I’ve checked my spam / junk folder and they’re not ending up there, so it’s a real mystery as to why they aren’t showing up.

If you leave a comment and don’t see it after a few hours, shoot me an email so I can approve it.  After you’ve been approved once, you’re all good.  Still, I wish WP would tell me there’s a new comment (approved or otherwise) to be read.

* * *

I mentioned before that I’d written a short story; it came out of nowhere last Saturday.  I don’t know what my muse had for dinner Friday night, but by Saturday, she wanted me to write a space Western, which I did.  Well, half of one anyway.  I’ve been itching to get back to it but other things have come up.

Monday at lunch, I went through and edited what I’d already written, fixing some stuff, adding stuff, deleting – that sort of thing.  On paper.  Then I took that home and Monday night, made all the changes in Scrivener.

Tuesday was podcast recording night.  Wednesday was the first half of podcast editing and the morning when I woke up in pain in my right shoulder and back.  No freaking clue what I did, but it persists today (Thursday) and kept me up late last night trying to fall asleep while not moving.  Normally, it only takes Wednesday to edit the podcast, but I skipped a step when I exported it from the software I use to record Skype and had to do it again, which takes forever and set me way back.  Tonight will be the second half of podcast editing because of that little step skip I did, and my weekly glance at Evermist to make sure I haven’t screwed anything up there.

That means it’ll be tomorrow night before I get back to my Space Western.  Sigh.

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  • FARfetched Posted July 15, 2010 3:07 pm

    Your shoulder/back situation sounds like a pinched nerve. Do you have a chiro-cracker?

    I know what you mean about not being able to get back to a story. Between the in-laws and the grandbaby, I barely have any time at all in the evenings this week. You can always take a notebook & a pencil with you, maybe do some writing at lunch. Just don’t do what I do, and get so wrapped up in the writing that it’s 2:00 before you know it.

    • Patrick Hester Posted July 19, 2010 1:51 pm

      Now that your comments are actually showing up – it would be nice if WP actually told me they exist…

      I do not have a chiropractor, no. I don’t believe in addictive behavior and chiropractors can be addictive for a lot of folks. I’ll just sit here drinking my mountain dew, watching television, playing video games, reading comic books, taking my ibuprofen and writing until the pain slowly fades…

      My time to write seems to lessen every day the older I get. I like Mike Resnick’s model: Write from 10 pm til 6 am. I could do that, if I didn’t have a day job to wake up for. Of course, then I’d get kicked out of my house for not paying the mortgage, which would suck…


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