/begin random thoughts

I wish I could better streamline my day and time.  Aren’t we all about that?  Getting more done, having more time, etc and so on?

I find there are times when I wish my body wouldn’t betray my brain; I want to write, to work on this or that, but my body is all, ‘No! Too tired! Must sleep now!’ and my brain is still going.  They need to make a pill for that.

“Cyzquarhoshilopozine!  The new drug that makes it possible for you to work, without sleep!  May cause drowsiness, mild depression, suicidal tendencies, rage, serial killer-ism, psychotic outbreaks, chicken pocks, muscle spasms, erectile dysfunction or loss of sex drive, bleeding from your eyes, demonic possession, delusions of grandeur, political aspirations, asthma, hearing loss, appendicitis, brain tumors, cancer of the uvula, swelling of the ears, tongue, fingers or toes, hair loss, rectal bleeding, death, zombie-ism and pimples.”

Also, I’d like to be better at using the time I do have to get stuff done.  I keep looking at my lunch hour and thinking, ‘How can I squeeze some more productivity out of that bad boy?’  I already try to write these little blog posts during that time, what more can I manage, I wonder?

* * *

The other night, I went to B&N.  I told myself that I was just going to go, hang out, have a piece of cheesecake and not spend a ton of money.

A ton of money later…

* * *

I’m getting a desk from a guy to go in my basement office / man cave / TARDIS area and he keeps putting off when he’ll be able to deliver it.  I don’t have a vehicle that can haul the damned thing.  I suppose I could borrow one but part of me doesn’t mind the wait because it allows me to procrastinate.  See, when the desk arrives, I’ve committed myself to the whole ‘bookshelf, setup the office environment’ project, so putting that off is okay cuz it’s a daunting task for a non carpentry computer guy.

* * *

I bought a new dishwasher to replace the old dishwasher.  The old dishwasher SOUNDED LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME – CAN YOU HEAR ME?  I CAN’T HEAR YOU – LET’S GO OUTSIDE WHERE IT’S QUIET AND WE CAN CHAT, OK?  The new dishwasher sounds no louder than a really quiet cat purring.  The difference is absolutely astounding.

The dishwasher marks a milestone, or maybe just an as yet unprecedented incredible moment in my life wherein I didn’t have to get ‘what I could afford’ but rather ‘what I wanted’.  I’ve always saved up for big purchases, which I think we all do.  A lot of times, we set our targets on something and then save until we can afford it.  I tend to compromise even on that – I’ll see what’s out there, see what I could save for and then talk myself out of the more expensive stuff and settle for something ‘I can afford’ sooner.  Have done that for most of my adult life.

With this dishwasher, I had my tax credit from the purchase of my house fresh in the bank.  There were lots of different dishwashers that I could afford, but I went for a couple bells & whistles that I wouldn’t normally have gone for (like I really, really wanted a quieter one) and I didn’t sweat the extra $100 or whatever to get it.

Of course, after that purchase, I am back on being miserly with my money on big purchases (and some little ones too).  Still, it was fun to do once…

* * *

Tonight, Eureka! returns to the channel formerly known as SciFi.  I’m excited!  That is one very fun little show.  My TiVo is set just in case something comes up and I can’t watch it live.  Also setup to record Haven because I want to see what that’s all about.

/end random thoughts