Since the news that John Scalzi is now the President of the SFWA wasn’t the Top 10 list on Letterman – Travesty, right? I mean – come on Letterman! Finger on the pulse – finger ON THE PULSE! AND, since Scalzi did a top 10 list of his own (DAMMIT! I WAS SCOOPED! John Lennon was right – there’s nothing you can do that somebody else hasn’t already done.) Anyway, I decided that SOMEONE OTHER THAN SCALZI HIMSELF needed to do a decent, satirical top 10 list, so here it is.

The Top 10 Things John Scalzi should do now that he is the President of the SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America).

No. 10: Cackle Maniacally

No. 9: Change the name to SyFyFWA so wrestlers can join too

No. 8: Totally make out with that TJ chick from Stargate Universe – that girl is ha-awt

No. 7: Stop George Lucas from ruining anymore Star Wars films

No. 6: Decree that all bookstores must double their SF & F sections by Monday

No. 5: is alive

No. 4: Have a chat with George R. R. Martin about meeting expectations

No. 3: Tell us where Doctor Who falls – is it SciFi?  Is it Fantasy?  Is it a cheese sandwich?

No. 2: Appoint John Anealio as the official SFWA Bard

and the No. 1 thing John Scalzi should do now that he’s President of the SFWA: Get me one of those cool Nebula awards from the new office, I’ve got space on my mantle…



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