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I don’t know a thing about carpentry, but I’d really like to learn.  The problem with going so digital all the time is that the analog can absolutely baffle us.  I don’t know a thing about cutting and sanding and all the stuff that goes along with building something with your own hands.

I’m going to learn though.  My cousin and I are going to put bookshelves into my basement office area to be.  I told him I really wanted it to be a learning experience and he agreed to teach me.  I’m very psyched about the whole thing.  Hopefully, this will be just the beginning.  Also very hopeful I don’t come out of it with the new nickname ‘3-fingered Patrick’ cuz that would make typing suck.

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It’s easier than ever to let yourself ignore your writing.  Myself, I am always balancing too many things and stuff falls out of my hands and lays on the carpet, forgotten and unloved for far too long before I pick it up again, dust it off and see where I was when I dropped it.

…did that metaphor even make sense? *shakes brain*

I’ve been burning the midnight oil a lot lately, pushing hard on writing projects and letting other things go.  This makes for a grumpy ATFMB in other aspects of life.

What I hate more than anything else is truly being on a roll, everything flowing, but knowing that you need to stop now and get some sleep because there is work tomorrow and you really do need to go.  The next day, all you can think about is where you stopped, where you still need to go, and how long before the day is over so you can pick it up again?  But then dinner needs to be cooked and oh, look at that, the sink is full of dishes that need a washin and don’t forget about that pile of laundry that needs some attention.  And why are the cats howling?  Oh yeah – litterbox needs cleaning and OH MY GOD HOW CAN SOMETHING SO FREAKING NASTY COME OUT A BUTT AS TINY AS YOURS?!

Before you know it, the night has passed you by and it’s time to go to bed again so you can start the day over tomorrow fresh and well rested.

…or stay up another hour and a half and be slightly stale and bleary eyed.

# # #

I finally hooked up my surround sound system.  It’s not new or anything, it’s just that I didn’t hook it up when I moved into the new house.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, how the room would be arranged – that sort of thing.

Really, there’s only one way for the room to be arranged that makes any sense given the space available and the furniture, so I went ahead and hooked everything up.  Sounds great.

I still haven’t hooked up the ol’ X-Box though.  I can’t afford the distraction that it offers, not right now when I’m pushing so hard to complete writing projects.  So, alas, it sits in its little green and white box collecting dust until such time as I feel it’s safe to let it see the light of day again.

# # #

On a slightly related note to the above random thought, speaker wire irks me.  My surround sound system came with wire colored red and black for the ‘front’ speakers, and white and black for the ‘back’ speakers.  The red and black wires aren’t very long whereas the white and black are very long, but not long enough for my new house.  Also, all the wires no matter the color, stood out against the walls like a sore thumb.

SO, I went where all new home owners spend their weekends – Home Depot.

The first thing I learned about speaker wire was that there were at least 3 (all that Home Depot carried, anyway) different sizes/gauges.


The second thing?  It’s all in gold casings.  So instead of white and black, or red and black, it’s all goldish brown.  I wanted plain white.  Plain white would’ve been easy to work with.  Plain white would’ve BLENDED a little bit.  I could hide it against the baseboard or something.  But, NOOOOOO – they have to have only goldish brown stinkey poo crapface color.


I read or saw once that they were making crown molding now that actually had slits to hide wires.  Excited by this, I decided to look around Home Depot and see what options they might have to hide wires.

Home Depot sales /customer service person guy: Um.  What?


/end random thoughts



  • FARfetched Posted June 23, 2010 6:38 pm

    Good luck with those bookshelves. I think if I were building shelves, I’d angle them ever so slightly down & back so the books (or anything else) would tend to stay in place.

    My distractions: day job, grandbaby, in-laws. Fortunately, Daughter Dearest (usually) takes care of the cats through the summer.

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  • Clifton Hill Posted June 28, 2010 4:41 pm

    I hear ya on distractions and other duties, makes the dual life of a writer tough at times.

    Careful with the woodcrafting, you might start inserting too much mitering notes and joint comments as your characters are making their journey across your nu ‘verse – observing beveled edges and analysing wood grain.

    Am I making a mild complaint about a particular book…yes…how’d you know?

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