What would make Superman 2 a good movie

Rumors abound regarding all of the comic books movies coming down the pipe and Superman 2 (or is it 6?) is on the list.  But the reboot of Superman didn’t do so well, remember?

We had what became dubbed as the ‘creepy stalker Superman’ from actor Bandon Routh who, in my humble opinion, played the part as stiff and unemotional as Keanu Reeves.  Who wants to see a sequel to that?

So there are a couple things I think they could so that would make the movie successful and, since I know the heads of DC and Warner Brothers are constantly trolling my little website (Uh… right.), I figured I’d lay out the changes they need to make if they want to see this next movie fly…

Get rid of silly Lex Luthor

The original Superman came out in 1978 and was great.  Christopher Reeves played the iconic part along side Gene Hackman as an over the top version of Lex Luthor as the ultimate silly supervillain.  Well, it’s thirty years later people.  Lex Luthor has been retconned into the CEO of a mega corporation and has even held the office of the President of the United States; the time for silly Lux running around in wigs and conning dying women out of their fortunes is over.  Play him straight or don’t play him at all.

Which actually wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.  Superman has other enemies just as Batman has other enemies.  Pull one of them out and dust em off for the movie treatment.  Let’s see Braniac or Darkseid give the man of steel a fight we’ll never forget.  Or better yet – since you love trilogies so much (Sorry John and Dale), let’s bring in Doomsday and do it up right, kill Superman in the first film, deal with the aftermath in the second and his rebirth/return in the third.  I’d pay to see that.

Start Fresh

Look, we love the Christopher Reeves movies, we really did.  Even 4.  Okay, not 4.  Or 3.  But we watched them because of Reeves.  They were great movies, but when Chris Nolan sat down to do Batman, he didn’t try to paint a homage to Tim Burton and look how utterly fantastic Batman and The Dark Knight turned out!  Do that with Superman.  If you want to draw from previous materials, draw from the comics, not the movies, not the tv shows, dear GOD not from Smallville – you can do it and do it well.  Chris Nolan proved it.

Drop Brandon Routh

I’m sorry, I’m sure Brandon is a great guy but when I see him, I see creepy stalker Superman.  His recent run on Chuck, one of my favorite shows on tv, was distracting because I kept thinking, “Don’t trust creepy stalker Superman! Don’t trust him!”

His portrayal of Supes was flat, unemotional.  If it was the intention of the powers that be for him to be emotionally detached then I suppose he hit the mark spot on, but it was a terrible thing to do to him and to us.  Give us some emotion in our Superman, some passion.

So.  That’s it.  My suggestions for a killer Superman flick; no more silly Lex, a different enemy for Superman to fight, a fresh break from the previous films and a new actor in the title role.

We’ll have to wait and see what they actually do, but not long.  I think they have the Superman film greenlit for 2011 or 2012…