“Hey! Where’s my water?”

“I have to clean it.  I don’t understand how it gets so… slimy, week to week.  It’s gross.”

“I want water.”

“I know – give me a sec, almost done.  Getting it nice and clean for you.”

“But, I want water now.”

“I know!  I’m almost done.”

“But, ‘almost’ isn’t ‘now’.  I want water now.”

“Just another second, need to dry it off and fill it up.”

“But, I want it now.”

“All right, all right!  Geez!”  *dries it off, fills it with clean water, sets it down*

*sniffs* “Eh.  I’ll have some later.”

“But, you said you wanted it now!”

“That was before.  You took to long.  You should try harder.”

*wets fingers* “…boy, have I got some water for you!” *flicks*

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  • Yinepuhotep Posted April 11, 2010 2:01 am

    Sounds like my cat.

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