I’m sitting here at my desk, trying to eat a little lunch and listening to ‘The Last Train to Clarksville’ by The Monkees.  My stomach isn’t sure it wants the food, but the rest of my body is demanding it.

There is nothing worse than being ill – especially when it’s the kind of thing that keeps you from doing -anything- at all.

Example: If you have a cold but can still work, that’s fine.  If you have a cold but can’t work and need some bed rest but can still read a book, hey, that’s fine too.  But when you have a cold that keeps you from eating, which makes you feel jumpy / jittery, and you can’t work, can’t read because it hurts your eyes, same with tv – well, that just plain sucks.

Which is what I’ve had since mid week last week.

Tried to read a book while laying in bed; managed a couple of pages before I gave up.

Tried to work from home; eyes wouldn’t focus on the computer.

Tried to watch some tv; that just gave me a headache.

Tried to eat; had no appetite and a nagging urge to revisit anything I ate.

Needless to say, I got nothing done over the weekend.

Well, almost nothing.

I -did- manage to write up a little something on Sunday that John Anealio and I have cooked up.  That’s going to be launching this week, I hope.

Stay tuned for more details…