*hops up onto the desk, stands in front of the keyboard* “Hello!”

“…um, hi. Can you move? I’m trying to write.”

“Sure!” *doesn’t move*


*sits down, tail on the spacebar causing the cursor to race across the screen*

“Ack! I said move!”

“I did move! Sitting is moving!”

“Your tail is on the spacebar!”

“Oh! Sorry!” *turns in a tight circle, sits back down, tail back on the spacebar and some other keys, causing the computer to start making ‘BUH!’ noises*

“Hey! Stop that!”

“Stop what? I’m just sitting.”

*picks him up and moves him off the keyboard and onto the floor* “There! That’s better.”

*jumps BACK up onto the desk and stands in front of the keyboard* “Now would be a great time to play, don’t you think?”

*sigh* “You’re not going to leave me alone, are you? Fine. Let’s go.” *gets up, walks down the stairs and into the living room, cat behind him all the way. Stoops, picks up a cat toy and starts to wave it around*

*passes right by cat toy, hops up onto window sill and stares out*

“…um what are you doing?”

“Huh? Oh – watching outside.”

“I thought you wanted to play?”

“That’s okay – you play. I’ll join you later. Maybe.”

“. . .”