The Green Lantern: Guy Gardner

When the Green Lantern of sector 2814 lay dying on the planet Earth, he asked his ring to seek out a worthy successor to pass the ring onto. To his astonishment, the ring found not one, but two worthy beings on the planet. He had to decide between them. He chose Hal Jordan.

The other one was named Guy Gardner.


When he found out that there had been a fifty percent chance of him NOT being the Green Lantern, Hal Jordan made a point of getting to know the other guy. They ended up becoming friends and, whenever Hal needed someone to fill in for him, he picked Guy. It was a nice thing to do, I suppose. Noble.

Unfortunately for Guy, he had some bad luck. He was hit by a bus and trapped in the phantom zone when his battery exploded. He was rescued, but the damage was done and he ended up in a coma, where he stayed for a really long time.


When the Guardians were divided on how to deal with the massive, multi issue Crisis event, a splinter group revived Guy and gave him a ring similar to Alan Scott’s (not tied to the main battery on OA) and started giving him missions.

Gone was the decent Guy though – the accidents, the time in the phantom zone, even the coma – they had all taken their toll. Guy was now an ahole to the extreme. And he really, really, really didn’t like Hal Jordan anymore.



…the feeling was mutual.

Guy Gardner – not a favorite of mine over all. Just such an ahole.