I find these things interesting, and thought I would share em by compiling a list here today.  The names were NOT changed to protect the innocent.

Ars Technica

Ars Technica has a lot of interesting articles each week. Sometimes I link em on Twitter, sometimes I don’t.  Last week, they talked about advertising and file-hosting sites.  It piqued my interest because I mostly hate advertising on websites – this got my brain working and thinking.  Note that I haven’t done any much (I sometimes have an Amazon thingie…) advertising on this site. I especially hate the kind of ads that pop up as your mouse passes over text – those really annoy.  Anyway, FireFox has a lot of neat plug ins that interrupt the flow of advertising to the consumer – things to block flash and ads and whatnotall.  One file-host site doesn’t like a new plug in that bypasses their site altogether, allowing people to download directly from the site instead of visiting pages with endless ads on them.

I really wish we could find a happy medium. Advertisers want to blanket us with Coke and Pepsi ads (among other things) while we just want it all to go away because we’re on overload.  When a page takes four times as long to load because of all the ad crap – we have a problem.  When we can’t get to the content we want because the ads keep interupting us, that’s a problem too.  When the content GOES AWAY because the advertisers have left and the content creator can no longer afford to operate, guess what?  We have another problem.

CNET is another favorite of mine for news.

Last week they talked about a couple of things I wanted to point out.

The 5 best (and worst) game preorder trends.  I found this interesting because the only game I have ever pre-ordered has been the expansions for World of Warcraft.  Nothing else has ever interested me enough to pre-order it.  Of course, I also tend to buy my console games used once they’ve come down considerably in price (which is why I’m usually behind the trends). This article is amusing and worth a read. Talks about what gimmicks work/they like (like getting the game ahead of the actual release date) and what doesn’t work/they don’t like (getting in game special stuff or crappy trinkets). Check it out.

The other is about Adobe bringing Photoshop.com to the iPhone, which is just neat.  Apps like this, which allow you to enhance the photos taken by your camera phone, are just nifty.  And Photoshop is pretty much the leader in this field now (sadly. I prefer some competition).  Looks like a cool deal.  Need to get that on my iPhone…

Comics should be good.

I can’t say enough nice things about this blog. I love the classic stuff and the contemporary stuff they cover every day. I usually can’t keep up with their updates.  Really worth some time on your part to check em out if you’ve ever cared about comics.

Life, Doctor Who and Combom

If you are a fan of Doctor Who, present or past, you really should check out Life, Doctor Who and Combom.  This is another site where I can’t keep up with all the updates.  If it’s Doctor Who related, it’ll show up on this blog.

Some more individual items for you.

“Fiction: In Blood 2009” from @authormancuso. Warning for graphic violence/gore.

GameLife has a story on Sega’s SG-1000 (Sega’s 1st Game System) and gets extra points for showing Golgo 13 – a game I had for the NES.  Trying to remember his name…  Duke Togo? Something like that. 007 only Japanese.

The NY Times has a puff piece, but still very nice, about a woman on A Quest to Read a Book a Day for 365 Days.

I have never particularly cared for Batgirl.  Since finding the DCU blog ‘The Source’, however, I find myself intrigued.  Almost enough to venture to a comic book store again.  Almost.

Ya know what? I don’t want to grow up to be Sam Raimi.  Not that it wouldn’t be cool to be all rich and stuff and know Bruce Campbell and Xena.  But, I don’t want to be the guy who puts Sandman above Venom because ‘in his day’, Sandman was the big bad and Venom hadn’t been invented yet.  When I think of Batgirl, I think of Barbara Gordon (who became Oracle when Joker shot her in the spine and put her in a wheelchair for the rest of her life).  So much has changed.  Need to stay up with the times.  The Source helps with that.  And I have to say, it’s much better than Marvel’s blog – which is all selly.  The Source feels more low-key, which is probably why it sticks in my brain.


…I am so sorry.  I really am.