When I think of the Green Lantern, I think of the Silver Age Lantern – Hal Jordan. (I am fully aware of Alan Scott, though)

Hal Jordan was a test pilot for Ferris Aircraft. One day, he was enveloped in a green light and whisked away to the middle of nowhere. He found a spaceship with a dying alien inside. His name was Abin Sur.

Sur was a Green Lantern, the Green Lantern for sector 2814 and he was dying. He needed to find a successor, someone worthy, so he asked his ring to choose from the planet he was on. The ring chose Jordan.

The Green Lantern Corps was/is a galactic police force created by the Guardians, a race of telepathic beings who live on the planet OA. They choose beings who are ‘worthy’ to wear the power rings that they can control using their willpower. With these rings, they patrol sectors of the galaxy, keeping the peace.

Here’s the first Green Lantern comic I bought:

Green Lantern #175

Green Lantern #175

I don’t remember why I bought this, but I did. This started me down the Green Lantern adventure.

I liked Hal Jordan a lot. I liked that he wasn’t perfect – he had a lot of troubles with his life; like the fact that his girlfriend (and boss) Carol Ferris knew he was a superhero and wasn’t happy with it because it kept taking him away from earth.

After all, being a Green Lantern means you are part of the big picture. By definition, his job was to patrol a sector of space, not one single planet. This caused friction.


In the cover above, Carol is basically saying ‘Me or the ring – pick one!’

See, there was this mysterious guy out to destroy Ferris aircraft, a real super bad. When he did a ton of damage, Hal was on another planet and thus, unable to help or stop the attack and damage. Carol was pissed.

Believe it or not, Hal did give up the ring. He was tired of it all, tired of having to choose between his life and his job. After a lot of soul searching and some advice seeking from crossover heroes like Superman, Flash and Green Arrow, he went to OA and quit.


This turned out to be a bad thing to do. See, the bad guy terrorizing Carol Ferris? It was the ultimate split personality – and when they got back together, they reformed and Star Sapphire was reborn:


So now, Jordan was a normal guy because he thought he was gonna do the happy after with his main squeeze, only to find out that she was subconsciously plotting against him and wanted him to give up the ring so she could have some revenge against him.

Through one of those long and convoluted stories (but not a massive crossover event, THANK GOD!), Hal ends up back on OA and manages to get a ring again so he can kick some butt.


This actually was the END of Green Lantern as a series. See, OA was attacked, people were killed, the corp and the Guardians devastated.


Thus was born: The Green Lantern Corps…