First up is Whiteout.

Look, I don’t care what it is or what’s it’s about – Kate Beckinsale is in it. Mrow. Opens in September.

Next is Legion.

Look, I love a good freaky movie based on badass Angels.  What can I say?  This one doesn’t hit theaters until January 2010 but that’s okay.

Avatar.  I know, there’s been some people bitching about this and some praising it.  All I know is that I like what I see so far.  I think this could be really cool so check it out.

Gamer.  This has what could quite possibly be the stupidest commercial voice over ever.  “Gerard Butler hasn’t kicked this much butt since 300 years ago!”

Dude.  Seriously?  You’re that stupid?  I know that you’re trying to get people who liked the movie 300 to get into this flick, but, seriously?  300 years ago?  So, you’re saying that the movie 300, about Spartan’s defending their homeland from the Persian invasion – that took place in the 1700’s?

This is what happens when we stop focusing on education in public schools.

The Men Who Stare At Goats.  I… Just…  Ya know what?  I don’t know what to say here.  Watch the trailer.  I think George Clooney is 1000 times a better comedian than he ever is a ‘dramatic actor’.

The Fourth Kind. Um. Watch this in the day time. It’s a little freaky. It’s not a horror movie – it’s about peoples UFO abduction stories.

The Vampires Assistant.  Watch the trailer – this looks funny.

The Wolfman.  I really don’t like rehashing things over and over like Hollywood is prone to doing, but something about this appeals to me.  It’s a throwback to simpler times.  We’ve gotten so into special effects and transforming people into big dogs in werewolf movies, that it’s really nice to see them go back and tell a story with some style.  This looks fantastic.  check it out.

Aladin.  WHERE THE HELL IS ROBIN WILLIAMS?  Okay, not that version of the film.. Nope, this is a Bollywood flick and sure to be on someone’s list, somewhere, of top weird movies.