I decided an update was in order on my various writing projects.  Woot, right?  I know you were really curious what’s been going on so here it is.

#1 Sam Kane

Synopsis: Sam Kane is a detective with the Denver PD – it’s her first week as a Detective and she’s already screwed up. Her partner’s in intensive care and her Captain is about to rip her a new ass when in walks Jack Mayfair, a mysterious man with transfer papers that will change her life forever…

Learning that you are a latent Wizard is one thing, beginning your training and being tossed head first into a world of supernatural surprises like vampires and werewolves is something altogether different. Sam has to cope with who she thought she was, who she’s becoming, and what’s just around the next corner.

Well, if you follow the blog or the podcast, you know that I finished up the rough draft of ‘Sam Kane’ a while ago.  Since then, I’ve been slowly going through and editing.  I should probably emphasize slowly.

It’s a little shy of 110k words right now, and I need to cut it down to 100k.  That was always my goal with this book and I want to stick to that number.  With that in mind, I’ve been doing a lot of tweaking to the book.  There were some very weak points that I knew were weak when I wrote them that I am either changing, rewriting or deleting altogether.  Has to be done.

There is also a couple of chapters that need to be totally ditched.  I wrote them, I felt good about them, but now in hindsight – it’s just too much.  Too long, too much crap, too much talking – it all has to go.  Sounding cryptic, aren’t I?  Okay – let me try to explain and I know it’s hard given that only one person other than me has actually read the entire piece front to back.  Still, I’ll try.

I’ve a character that I wanted to do more with, so I did more.  I wrote several chapters where it’s him basically telling a story – a long story (keep in mind that my chapters themselves aren’t very long).  I wanted to build him up as a stronger supporting character and I did that, but now I am realizing that it just doesn’t work.  The story he tells is too long.  The book itself is very fast paced and then you hit this section where this old man talks and talks and talks…  It doesn’t work.  I see that now.  So, the whole thing needs to be redone.

My intention with this book was to have it, despite being 100k words, feel like it goes by so fast (and the one person who has read it cover to cover said that it is very fast paced).  Everything happens rapidly over the course of a week (then it became two weeks and I need to get it back to being a single week).  I need to stick to that, which means I need to make changes and those are slow in coming.  My goal is to have the changes done and the manuscript’s 2nd draft/version ‘complete’  by late September.

Fingers crossed!

#2 Flash Fiction

I wanted to bring a new piece of Flash Fiction to the blog every week either on Tuesdays or Thursdays – I still haven’t made up my mind on that yet.  As you can probably tell, that hasn’t happened.  It’s not for lack of trying.

I’ve written a dozen or more pieces and few of them have found their way onto the blog.  The rest, I struggle with them.  I read them and I know I can do better, so I don’t publish them.  Which is probably stupid.  I should just put them out there for folks to read and get some feedback, but I tend to be a bit OCD on the subject.  It has to be worth your time!  It has to be perfect!

My favorite piece to date has been ‘Welcome to Solar City’.  If you haven’t read that yet, please click the link and check it out.

I’ve tried to explain it before and sometimes I do a decent job and sometimes I don’t, but I’ve always had this notion in my head of ‘The New Universe’.  This is the place where my stories take place.  There is a past, a present and a future to this universe.  Most of it is still in my head, but it’s really clear in my head if that makes a difference.  The different things I write, they fit into the grand scheme of things.  ‘Welcome to Solar City’ is part of the future.  I hope to visit there often (I have ideas..).  Lots of tales to tell in that city (Oh, yes, I have ideas…).

#3 Short Stories

I’ve found that when I get an idea, I have to put it down on paper (electronic paper).  Too many times, I’ve had a fantastic idea that I didn’t write down and then lost it because other things came up and it got pushed out of my brain, which frustrates me to no end.

I have two such ideas at the moment and I’ve put both down on paper, as it were.  The first is something with a working title of ‘Stargazing’.  It’s set on a world from that future I mentioned above and could be considered a prequel to a novel I have planned at some point.

The second has a working title of ‘Witchcraft & Satrys’.  It’s…different. 🙂  I like my comedy and this has some in it.  This is further along than the first idea mentioned above.

The third are my boys, ‘Malachi and Madrighan’.  They are almost always my comic relief, sort of a throwback to the old sword and sorcery movies of the 80’s that were just so terrible you had to watch them.  They are brothers born of different fathers who have been assured by their mother that they are, in fact, twins.  They are better than fair with a sword so they travel the world getting into trouble, selling their swords to whoever can pay which rarely ever works out well for them.  But they’re together and having fun, which is all that really matters to them.  Well, that and getting paid.  And eating.

This story, with a working title of ‘The Business with the Troll’, is the closest to being ready for publication here on the blog.

Any of the short stories that get published will most likely be serialized.  Keep an eye out on twitter or here cuz I hope to be publishing ‘The Business with the Troll’ in a week or two.

#4 Podcast

I know, I know – haven’t done one in a couple weeks.  Truth told, I’m still pissed at PodBean.  I don’t know what I’m going to do yet.  As soon as I know, you’ll know.

Well – that’s it for this little update.  Hope it whet your appetite for some new fiction coming down the pipe soonish…


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  • Clifton Hill Posted September 21, 2009 1:31 pm

    You’ve got a lot on your plate, hope it all gets done. Especially the Sam Kane bit.

    Interesting you should mention having different time periods of story relating to your New Universe set stories. That’s similar to my epic piece. The stories I currently plan to tell take place in about 3 different time periods in the same universe. I think it is more fun that way and could lead to a richer story to tell, since you spend (hopefully) less time world-building since you already have something to work with

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