The gist: Feeling nostalgic, I’m trolling through my comic book collection, which spans 1977-1995/6ish, looking for things that I used to obsess over oh so very much.  Because I’m in a generous mood, I want to share what I find with you, my loyal readers who never, ever leave me comments.  Woe is me.

I’m taking pics of the covers with my iPhone which means they’re really blurry and/or out of focus – oh well.  If you wanted to see them in all their sharp and wonderful glory, you really should’ve been hanging out in the ol’ comic book store with me back in the day!  Also, because this amuses me to no end and because I love to drone on and on from time to time, I’m telling stories about the comics!  Fun, right?  You KNOW you love it when I do that…

And lastly, since I’m grabbing boxes at random, we never know what we’re gonna get until we get it.  Got it?  Good – let’s move on then people!  Oh – and you can always click on the images for a bigger photo.  It’ll probably be blurry.  Blame Apple.

Box #4 part 3 – The other guys!

Ya know, you think you have it rough.  I mean, you go about your daily life, toiling in the obscurity of a job you get paid too little for, where your accomplishments aren’t even acknowledged by your boss and your girlfriend (or boyfriend as the case may be – we don’t judge) left you for someone hotter (or younger or who makes more money or has a better car) and your dog died (or ran away) and the cat, well, the cat hocked up a massive amount of vomit and hairballs on your bed that you didn’t see and then laid down right on top of it.

…sound like a country music song?  Sound like a massive pile of crap life to be living?

Still better than Kenshiro “Zero” Cochrane.  Also known as Ghost Rider 2099!


Ghost Rider 2099

See, old Zero went and got himself shot.  Poisoned.  That’s what happens when you’re a hacker and you’re caught stealing information from the D/Monix corporation.  They don’t mess around – not with a name like D/Monix, no sirree.

Dying, Zero had to do something lest all that valuable information he stole wouldn’t be of any use, so he did what any futuristic hacker with his salt would do – he uploaded his consciousness into cyberspace.

That’s where The Ghostworks finds him and decides that they like him, so much so that they want him to be their avatar in the real world.  He agrees, so they download him into a robot body that bears a striking resemblance to a certain motorcycle riding, chain wielding, walking, talking flaming head s’mores making factory from the 20th known as ‘Ghost Rider’.

The name sticks and the legend is reborn.

Even with such a build up, I have to say – this was not a favorite of mine.  I didn’t even take a second cover photo for this blog!  I mean, it had potential, but I never felt like the series lived up to that potential or the hype.  I wasn’t alone.  It only ran 25 issues and I don’t think he’s ever made another appearance.  Could be wrong.  Dunno for sure.

To be honest, I never read much of the other Ghost Rider – the ‘regular’ version, I guess, either.  I only ever caught him when he did a guest appearance on one of the other comics I was into like Wolverine or Spider-Man or something – which was few and far between.  There were those ‘Marvel Comic’s Presents’ books that had him in half the book quite a lot.  (You flipped the book – one side/half was usually Wolverine, for example, and the other side/half would be someone like Ghost Rider.  I should come across some of those eventually.)

The other 2099 book that I was never too crazy for was Hulk 2099.


Hulk 2099 #!

Here again – like with the regular Ghost Rider – I was never a fan of the regular Hulk, the Bruce Banner Hulk – except the gray version.  The intelligent one, the mobster.  That was fun because he was quite devious and in total control – Banner was suppressed and not allowed to come out for visits.  But the mindless beast roaming the desert?  Not really my thing.

In the 2099 version, John Eisenhart was a studio executive for Lotusland Productions looking for a movie or show or something.  He heard about these people, the Knights of Banner (there was a lot of hero worship in 2099 – worship of the heroes that we all know and love, of course).  You had Thorites and Knights of Banner and whatnot all.  Anyway, Eisenhart went to get the story but the Knights weren’t in the mood to sell, so he called the cops on em.  They exploded a gamma bomb, Eisenhart gets hit by the blast – new Hulk is born.

This one retained his intelligence; mostly.  He also had claws and some other weird/odd/strange stuff.

This was another book that didn’t really live up to they hype though, and ended fairly quickly.  Something like 10 or 11 issues total in the stand alone book, then a couple more of the Unlimited series.

I have ABSOLUTELY no idea what happened to this character.  I think maybe he got killed in the whole Doom storyline thing but I can’t honestly remember.