The particulars in case you forgot: I’m trolling through my comic book collection, which spans 1977-1995/6ish, because I’m feeling nostalgic and want to share.  I invite you to tag along with me cuz I hope it’ll be fun – I’m even taking pics of the covers with my iPhone (sorry about the quality there but honestly – who wants to go through and scan all these things?!)  so you can see what I see.  I’m also telling stories, which is always fun.

And since I’m grabbing boxes at random, we never know what we’re gonna get until we get it.  Got it?  Good – let’s move on then people!  Oh – and you can always click on the images for a bigger photo.

Box #2 part 2 – Green Everything

Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn IIIf there are any two heroes in my collection that I could not have lived without, Spider-Man would be the first, Green Lantern would be the second.

I don’t know what it is about Hal Jordan that appealed to me so much as a kid; maybe it was the test pilot thing, maybe it was the hot girl friend, maybe it was the fact that, at any time he wanted, he could just fly off to another world and kick some butt.

We may never truly know.

The Green Lantern went through a lot of changes on my watch; first Hal Jordan retired (which turned out to be a horrible thing to do) and John Stewert took over for him.  Then Hal came back and the remnants of the Green Lantern Corps settled on Earth for a time.  Then all hell broke lose again.

Whatever happens, Hal Jordan will be my Green Lantern – s’why I was so thrilled with the recent animated movie.  I have no memory whatsoever of this ‘Emerald Dawn’ business, but I’m sure it was a pain in the ass crossover event that forced me to buy friggin Booster Gold or some such shit just to get the ‘complete’ story.

…not that I’m bitter or anything.  More on crossover madness later.  Promise.

IMG_0306bAs THRILLED as I was to find some Green Lantern in this box (you people probably think I am really, really unorganized not to know what’s in these boxes.  You aren’t wrong.  Aren’t totally right either…), I was overjoyed to find a couple of books featuring Ollie in them.

Oliver Queen – The Green Arrow.  Robin Hood for a modern age.

Forget the Smallville bs – this is Oliver Queen in all his glory.  I like a little attitude I my heroes, a little sass, a little…villain.  And let’s not forget the swashbuckling.  Gotta have that.

Which is exactly what Green Arrow delivered and then some.

I have said it many times before and I will say it many times again: Marvel is for kids, DC is for adults.  Or young adults at the least. Green Arrow has some pretty gritty story’s over the years, but he also had plenty of buddy ‘movies’ with Green Lantern.  And I liked him so much better than Hawkeye, Marvels’ version of an archer.  He was just a better character and a better book.

Loved this series.

Martian Manhunter: American SecretsAnother character from the DC universe that I never really knew a lot about was the Martian Manhunter.  He’s a Martian.  And he’s a Manhunter.  Okay…

So, lucky for me, this series came out called ‘Martian Manhunter: American Secrets’ and it shed a little light on the character and made me like him.  Dammit.

“He reached for me as the bullet broke his breastbone.  Who else could he reach for?  He’s a stranger.  I’m a stranger.  Not just strangers to each other, but even bigger strangers in the cold stone eyes of the city.  He’s a beatnik.  I’m a Martian.”

1959 America.  the cold war is heating up and commie fever is sweeping America.  It’s not a good time to have secrets, nor to keep them.  So it sucks to be John Jones who’s posing as a police detective but really comes from mars.


This series was fantastic.  It taught me about the Manhunter, who he was and what he was about plus it was just a damned fine story (I just decided to re-read it btw).  The books themselves were in the high end format – stiff card stock for the covers, nicer paper stock for the inside.  Artwork is just amazing.  Really well done.

Now I’m gonna leave you with a few more random covers from this box.

Green Lantern Kyle Rayner

Green Lantern Zero Hour

Green Arrow The Wonder Years