As I mentioned before, I’ve decided to start going through my comic book collection one box at a time and see what I find, then talk about it here.  I invite you to tag along with me cuz I hope it’ll be fun – I’ll even tag pictures with my iPhone and share em.  And it might just give you a little insight into the things that inspired and amused me growing up, and how they came to influence my own writing.

doctor_strangeSo without further ado, let’s take another look at what I found in box #1…

Doctor Strange, #70, 1984.

Again, I’d have to admit I have no memory of how I got this book.  I was never particularly a fan of Doctor Strange, which is odd because now, I love magic and fantasy stuff.

I do remember that Spidey visited him once or twice, looking for help with the mystical – as did others from the Marvelverse.  But, he was never really my thing.

Wasn’t there a movie not too long ago?  OH YES THERE WAS, but they changed the name to protect the innocent! ‘Doctor Mordrid’ was the name of the thing.  I vaguely remember it now, but there’s a thing about it on Wikipedia.

“The 1992 Full Moon Features film Doctor Mordrid was originally intended as a live-action Dr. Strange film. However, the option expired before production could begin. The script was rewritten to include original characters not directly adapted from the comics property.”


lumiyaLastly, before the other ‘secret’ apprentices, there was Lumiya.

In the Marvelverse, Lumiya was trained by Darth Vader and used to infiltrate the Rebel Alliance and get close to Luke Skywalker.  She succeeded, becoming a pilot.  She was shot down by Luke and injured.  Vader found her and transformed into a female version of himself, full of cybernetic parts and then she became a Hand to the Emperor.

After ‘Return of the Jedi’, we needed a bad guy and Lumiya slipped right into the role, calling herself a ‘Dark Lady of the Sith’, she continued to cause all sorts of problems for the Alliance/New Republic.

What I did not know – she’s back!  I had no clue that she popped out of Marvel comics and into the current story lines.  She ends up starting the next galactic civil war and training Jacen Solo to become the next Dark Lord of the Sith.


Anyway, I wanted to share this cover because I remember her being pretty much a bad-ass and a pain in the ass for Skywalker.  I have to admit, I like that they are keeping it all in continuity – new and old.  That’s pretty nifty.

Box #2 is coming soon…