I just read over at that Majel Barrett Roddenberry passed away today.

If you don’t know her, she was the widow of Gene Roddenberry, creator of Stark Trek.  She was a part of that show from its inception and is the only actor to have the singular honor and distinction of being in every incarnation of the show including the upcoming movie reboot of the franchise.

In the original pilot episode, she played ‘Number One’; First Officer of the Enterprise.  In the rewrite, she became Nurse Chapel and a love interest for Spock.  In the later shows, she played Lwaxana Troi, mother of Counselor Troi and one of her most memorable characters.  She has also been the ‘voice’ of the Federation computers on all the shows.

I once met a fantastic lady named Nana Grasmick. Nana was involved in the very first Star Trek conventions back in the 70’s.  She had a lot of great stories to tell.  Believe it or not, we were on the same bowling team. 🙂

I was young and very much into Trek at the time, so it was a lot of fun to have her tell me tales of the old convention scene, long before Creation came along and, imho, ruined the whole experience.

She knew the Roddenberry’s and said only kind words of Majel Barrett Roddenberry.  When I think about all my probably useless trek knowledge and trivia, it occurs to me that I’ve never heard anything bad about the lady.

She will be missed.