Wow.  I really didn’t like this at all.

I hate to have to say that, because I really liked Angel when it was on tv, but, this series?  I really don’t care for it.

A little backstory for the uninformed.  Angel was once Liam, the son of a middle class linen merchant in Galway Ireland.  He was born in 1727 and by 1753, he was a drinker and womanizer and a total disappointment to his father.  One night after a night of drinking and debauchery, Liam was tossed out on his ass.  But he’d already caught the eye of a certain vampire by the name of Darla.  She lured him into an alley and changed him into Angelus.

Together, they terrorized Europe until one night, when he decided to torture and feed on a Gypsy Princess, the beloved of her people.  They wanted him to suffer for his crime, so they cursed him – they returned his soul, which fled his body when the demon Angelus took up residence.  This meant that he could feel remorse for everything that he’d done – hence the ‘tortured soul’.  By the time we get to the show ‘Angel’, he is a champion for the ‘Powers that Be’, saving people one soul at a time to make amends for all the evil he’d done as a vampire.

He gathers people to help him and they set to work in Los Angeles.  By the end of the show, a lot of things had changed and Angel needed to be reminded of who and what he was.  He decided to take down The Big Bad by eliminating their agents in Los Angeles.  He enlisted his associates to help him and together, they dealt evil a pretty big blow.  In the last scene of the last show, we see the survivors in an alley, rain pouring down; Angel, Spike, Gun & Illyria waiting to see what’s going to come next.

An army of demons is coming towards them.

“I want to fight the dragon,” says Angel, looking up.  “Let’s get to work.”

The comics pick up where the story left off, but man – it’s anticlimactic.  I don’t like the story, don’t like what they’ve done with Wesley, don’t even care for the artwork – I just don’t like it.  It feels forced.

I do like the Buffy comics that have continued the story of our favorite Slayer, but the direction that the writer has taken with Angel – I was really looking forward to what they might come up with given that they can really do anything at all in a comic book (no Special Effects Budgets to worry about), but the effort just falls flat.

Feel free to pick it up so you can make up your own mind, but, for me, this series gets a meh.