ElfquestI remember Elfquest. I only have a couple of issues hidden away somewhere in my collection and those were difficult to get. What’s amazing to me is how long the series has been going on and yet I was nowhere near aware of it as I probably should’ve been.  I seem to recall that it was in the ‘adult’ section of the comic book store, which was basically a shelf next to/sort of behind the counter where they could keep an eye on anyone checking out the stuff on it.

From the Official Elfquest website:

Three decades of Elfquest. It’s quite a milestone for anyone to achieve. Producing anything for print can be a pain in the tailfur. But despite the challenges and problems that come with publishing and licensing a multifaceted line of comic books, graphic novels, collections, and much more, Warp Graphics has managed to dazzle readers thousands of times over with images of life. Of feeling. Of caring. Of hardship. Of pain. And, most of all, of love. That’s what makes Elfquest… well, Elfquest.”

Thirty years is amazing for an independent comic.  Yeah, yeah – both Marvel and DC published it at one time or another, but it was still pretty independent.

And now I read that there’s a possible movie.

SciFi.com’s SciWire is reporting that Warner Brothers is looking into it.  From the site:

“Warner Brothers and Rawson Thurber are developing Elfquest, a fantasy movie based on the cult comic by Wendy and Richard Pini, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Thurber (Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story) will write, direct and produce the feature, whose format is undetermined.”

I’m not sure I like that the guy behind ‘Dodgeball’ is the one looking to write/direct/produce it.  I mean, that was a fairly stupid movie.

BUT, I have to have a little faith, I suppose.  The movies based on comic books have only been getting better and better.  Here’s hoping that the streak continues…