If you’ve had any fast food recently, you’ve probably noticed all the crap on your receipt.

The back of the receipt is covered in crap as well – all trying to get you to phone in and give them your opinion on stuff.  Of course, they collect your information while you’re giving them your opinions.  And they send you crap in the mail and in email and call you and bother you.  And sell your information to list companies who turn around and sell it again and before you know it, you’re getting more crap thrown at you than a person visiting the monkey cage at the local zoo.

The only time I ever called one of these numbers was to complain about a Taco Bell that had people standing around waiting for food for over twenty-minutes.  And when I told the gal who answered that I wanted to complain, she put me on hold and I was immediately hung up on! 🙁

I don’t know – my personal opinion is that this kind of stuff just doesn’t work.  I would hope that by now, we know that it’s just a trap to get your information so they can market crap to you.  Then again, sadly, it must work because they continue doing it.