It amuses, amazes and boggles my mind that I am currently enjoying several shows that would be considered ‘reality tv’.  “Ace of Cakes”, “Ghost Hunters”, “Destination Truth” – these are all what I guess would be considered reality television and I watch them eagerly each week.

“Ace of Cakes” is simply too entertaining not to watch.  I can’t help but laugh throughout each episode!  The last one I saw, it was Duff’s birthday.  He wanted something called ‘scrapple’ – which didn’t sound very appealing to me, but he wanted it.  It’s all the parts of the pig you wouldn’t normally eat sort of cooked and compressed together.   Geoff makes it for him.  Well, there’s another guy who is a vegan and he wanted to make vegan scrapple – hence, “Lead Chef America: Scrapple Challenge” was born.

I died.

“Ghost Hunters” is just as entertaining.  They recently were invited to Wright Patterson AFB (if you’ve ever heard of Roswell, you’ve probably heard of Wright Patterson) to investigate some strange things going on in a couple of buildings on base.  I don’t know but that seems HUGE to me!  The Air Force calls TAPS in to investigate a couple of ghost stories?!  If that’s not crazy enough, they caught video of a push button flashlight sitting on the floor seemingly being turned on by a ghost by request.

“Destination Truth” – Josh’s sense of humor just appeals to me.  He goes off on these little quests and he never quite finds what he’s looking for but he really, really has fun looking.  He goes to Hanoi.  He’s speaking with a local through a translator.  “I’m sorry – and I HANOIing you?”

Oh.  So bad.  And yet, so funny.

If you asked me just a couple of years ago whether or not I’d be watching these kinds of shows, I would have laughed at you.  I -hate- “The Apprentice” and “Survivor” and all that other crap – but these shows I really, really like.

I guess it’s just that they are so entertaining.