What ever happened to Original Syndicated Television?

I mean – there used to be a ton of original, non-network stuff out there to watch, and now it’s all gone!

I remember tons of shows like: Andromeda, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Earth Final Conflict, The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, Babylon 5, War of the Worlds, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Xena: Warrior Princess, Psi Factor, Poltergeist: The Legacy, Relic Hunter, Friday the 13th: The Series and Mutant:X to name just a few.

syndicated television

I don’t see anything like these shows on the air anymore and I wonder why. I mean, is it because of all the new programming on cable? Basic cable channels like FX, USANetwork and SciFi are churning out a lot of new shows. I can only assume that, as the market has changed, so has the dynamics behind syndication.

I just read a story (SciFi.com, IFMagazine, Variety) about Sam Raimi’s new syndicated show based on the ‘Sword of Truth’ series of sermons on the moun-er, novels, by Terry Goodkind. Called ‘Wizard’s First Rule’, it will follow the story of young Richard as he travels around telling everyone how wrong they are and how right he is… um. THAT IS TO SAY, it will be about his life as a woods guide turned ruler of a nation of leather clad vixens (Okay – I’m not making -that- part up… much…) as they deal with all sorts of problems that start to creep up from the Old World.

Yes, I’ve read the novels. Well, most of them. Around ‘Faith of the Fallen’ I kinda got tired of all the preaching. I did buy a couple more but really started to lose interest around ‘Chainfire’ which I will admit I never finished. I really liked the style of the books and Goodkind can build one helluva a world to play around in – I just didn’t like Richard’s overbearing sense of right as the books progressed. He went from simple woodsman to ruler way too quickly (in the sense that he took to the whole thing so quickly) for my tastes, but Goodkind deserves much credit for his ability to build a lush and vibrant world full of nuances and intrigue.

Now, wasn’t Raimi involved with Hercules and Xena? Maybe he, like I, started wondering what happened to the syndicated television landscape as well. I’ve no doubt that he will produce something entertaining so maybe this will jumpstart the market again and get us some more interesting things to watch on the weekends between football seasons…