I’m a writer. Not professionally, not yet, but I aspire to be. I love to write. I create my own little worlds and then hang out in them for a while, seeing what happens and to whom. It’s great fun!

Original Science Fiction and Fantasy is my bread and butter, and there’s always my own little brand of humor and insight creeping into the characters and situations when I’m writing.

I have a lot of writing under my belt, more than I realized before I came up with the idea to have this page on the site. Heck, I’ve been doing this since I was sixteen years old! The purpose of this page is to sort of bring it all together in one spot where it can be summarized.

When trying to come up with a way for this page to look and layout, I decided just to go alphabetically – hope that doesn’t screw you up too much! Pieces intended to be Novels, Novellas, etc, are listed first, then come the Short Stories or One-shots, after that, the Fan Fiction.