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Live and in person – MileHiCon 51 Schedule

MileHiCon Memory

I mentioned a few times on the podcast I am attending MileHiCon in October. IT’S MY FAVORITE CONVENTION AND IT’S LOCAL – OMG! I’ve got my Schedule and thought I would share it here to entice any of you thinking…

The Obligatory MileHiCon Schedule Post


I had such a great time last year that, once again, I will be attending MileHiCon at the Hyatt Regency in Denver’s Tech Center over the weekend.  Lot’s of stuff going on at the con, including Author Guests of Honor…

Pet Peeve


You should know by now that I’m involved with several podcasts.  Over at the Functional Nerds, I’m a co-host/producer, which means that I’m a part of every show, and I edit / produce every show.  Over at SF Signal, I…

Here-have a post about the changes to my site


I owed a blog post today so I figured I should mention some changes to the site that I’ve done recently. Example: There is now a sidebar widget for ‘Coming Soon…’ Basically, it shows a certain number of upcoming posts…

Flash Fiction-Whooops!


© 2009 Patrick Hester.  All Rights Reserved Whooops! If this is the way I’m going out, then bring it on. That’s what I wanted to say. It’s the renegade in me; the rogue. He’s always saying stupid shit like that,…