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The New Job


So. As you may know – if you follow me on social media – I have a new job! If you don’t follow me on social media – wtf? Seriously? Why not? I mean – what did I ever do…

New Job


So, I’m not here right now.  In fact, I am at my new job.  This means the old job is over.  This is exciting. Starting today, I’m back to doing what I do best: Marketing. I’ve been fairly quiet here…

Writing Journal Y3 Day 112


I decided to take the laptop to work.  I wait as long as I can stand to take my lunch hour (usually around 3 pm, or 5 hours into my 11 hour schedule), then I go off into the quietest…



“What is it? What is it really?” J A B B E R W O C K Y I had this moment last week when I felt like I was living in a sitcom.  Specifically, the short-lived, yet excellently done…

Ups and Downs


So after my first week of full work at the new job, I have to say – I’m exhausted.  13 hour days.  Yeah.  As for the job itself, I have to say it has its ups and downs.  I’m doing…

Crazy Busy


So I’ve been crazy busy with the new job.  I probably owe a couple of you an email.  It’s not going to get any less busy when I go into my regular schedule.  Right now I’m in training, which will…

Freelance Services


Hi there.  I keep reminding people that I am unemployed.  Have been for quite some time now.  Sorry if that feels weird.  It feels weird to me, but it’s the truth, so, what are ya gonna do?  I continue to…

New Website


Well, I am splitting things up a little. In an attempt to broaden my employment horizons, I have created a new website, PatrickHester.com, that will serve a dual purpose. 1st, the new site is an online resume.  I have listed…

Writing Journal: Day 288


So. The holidays have brought with them a whole new kind of stress and distraction. My carefully crafted plans for writing have fallen apart under the barrage of demands on my time.  Whenever I sit down to write, I find…