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Photo Friday: Down The Tree

thumbnail Aspen Tree

Do you have any idea how hard it is to take a photo pointing down a tree trunk? Ok – I’ll admit it – this tree was actually at an angle to the path I was walking!  It was a…

Photo Friday: Treebeard?


No, sorry – that’s not Treebeard.  What that is, I can’t say.  Other than weird.  Pucker up? I snapped this photo at a tourist attraction in Manitou Springs, Colorado – the Cliff Dwellings.  Cool place.  Weird tree. The sign hanging…

Photo Friday: Mom’s Angel


Mom likes to have a real angel on the top of the tree each year.  Here she is: I shot this up close.  I wanted to get her when she was lit up.  Kinda ended up with a creepy effect.…