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Review: Doctor Who Through Time and Space


800+ years ago, a man ran away; far, far away. Away from his people, from the responsibilities they wanted to heap upon him and from whatever destiny they saw for him that he didn’t want for himself. He stole a ship, a fantastic ship that allows him to travel not only through space, but through time.

Review: Green Lantern-The Sinestro Corps War


The story goes that Sinestro was the greatest Green Lantern of all time; the Guardians on OA held him up as an example for all other Lanterns to follow and emulate. When the very first human from earth joined the corps, the Guardians decided that their greatest Lantern needed to be the one to train him, so they sent Sinestro to find and train Hal Jordan.

Review: Batman & Robin-Batman Reborn


Batman is dead; sacrificed for the greater good trying to stop Darkseid in Final Crisis. In the aftermath of his death, Gotham descends into a crime wave. Once before, when Bane broke the Batman, Dick Grayson assumed the mantle of the Bat to bring order back to the city.