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Thoughts on Man of Steel


Man of Steel opened up last Friday, and I’ve been reading all the complaints flying around about it.  I liked the movie.  In the last Superman movie, Superman Returns, which was supposed to be a ‘real sequel to the original…

Review: Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths


Crisis on Two Earths plays on the Crisis on Infinite Earths series by introducing an earth where the Justice League is lead by none other than Lex Luther, and where that Justice League has been beaten by a super powered criminal empire known as the Crime Syndicate.

Which is your favorite Classic SciFi show intro?


Classic SciFi shows had a sense of style that still shines through today.  Which show has your favorite intro?  Let’s take a look – nothing before 1980, shall we?! The Outer Limits. The Twilight Zone Doctor Who The Time Tunnel…