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On Marketing and Social Media


You’re walking through the store – we’ll call the place ‘Meg-A-Lo-Mart’ to protect the names of the innocent – and a decently dressed individual steps into your path and says, “Who’s your television provider?” Your mind is on the list…

Author Fest of the Rockies


So. The 7th Annual Author Fest of the Rockies is taking place September 28th & 29th in Manitou Springs Colorado.  I’ll be there doing a couple of presentations; Podcasting for Creatives and Social Media for Authors.  If you are in…

Pet Peeve


You should know by now that I’m involved with several podcasts.  Over at the Functional Nerds, I’m a co-host/producer, which means that I’m a part of every show, and I edit / produce every show.  Over at SF Signal, I…