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Writing Journal: Y2 Day 123


It’s been a long time since my last Writing Journal (50 days). I’ve started and stopped several new journal posts in that time.  I can make excuses about why I haven’t journaled, including the whole unemployment thing, but really it…

Free Story: Sword & Sorcery


Untitled Sword & Sorcery Short Story Length: 4,591 Draft: 1st Draft, no edits by: Patrick Hester © 2011 All Rights Reserved The Witch King, bored, called upon the demi-god Utesh, for inspiration. A hundred bodies littered the ground below the…

Writing Journal: Day 31


Well, after sending the first 50 pages of my novel off to @TyBarbary for beta reading, my word count dropped by about a hundred words.  Ah well, that’s okay – plenty more where those came from. I did that to…



I’m looking at making some changes around here. Websites Among the changes I am working on is a change to my websites.  Chiefly, atfmb.com and FunctionalNerds.com. Although I like the design and layout of atfmb.com for the most part, and…

Sample-My New Short Story


One day I was sitting here and I thought, we need more cowboys in space.  This lead me to sit down at the computer and start writing.  The result was originally called ‘The Brothers of Katie Rose’; an homage to…