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The Obligatory MileHiCon Schedule Post


I had such a great time last year that, once again, I will be attending MileHiCon at the Hyatt Regency in Denver’s Tech Center over the weekend.  Lot’s of stuff going on at the con, including Author Guests of Honor…

Have a chapter on me


Rather than a writing journal today, I thought I’d share a chapter from a novel I’ve been working on.  Well, re-working on.  I’ve changed it up based on feedback from one of my critique groups, and some comments on twitter…

Thoughts on Fringe Season 2


Spoilers! If you haven’t yet seen Fringe but intend to, stop reading this post. Seriously. Spoilers. Last warning. Okay? Here we go… Recently, the Science Channel started airing episodes of Fringe from the beginning.  I had the opportunity to watch…

Retro Review: Tales of the Gold Monkey Part 2


Tales of the Gold Monkey follows the adventures of a former Flying Tiger named Jake Cutter who is working and flying in a French controlled area of the South Pacific in 1938. He is joined by his best friend and mechanic, Corky, and his one eyed dog Jack.

Warehouse 13, Haven and Eureka!


So.  The channel formerly known as SciFi hit the ground running once again with some summer programming.  First we had Warehouse 13. …spoilers abound.  You have been warned. The cliffhanger episode has become a staple of the genre show.  It…

Random Thoughts for July 9, 2010


/begin random thoughts I wish I could better streamline my day and time.  Aren’t we all about that?  Getting more done, having more time, etc and so on? I find there are times when I wish my body wouldn’t betray…